Alinshop scammed me steroids

oh no i didn't realise this, i should've read this before, my fault. it was working really slow on chrome at first so i told him i could do it on steam and he straight away said no. Shit Shit Shit, Pardon my language but the worst thing is the little fucker tried to steal my AWP Asiimov as well, just as well i stopped when i saw it wasn't on the store. so do i just uninstall the extensions?? Dammit that sucks, scams are getting more advanced every day, soon they could easily just take the skins. fair enough for my stupidity

My first review (so believe me or not. Its your call), but Alin is the only vendor I absolutely trust. I've been dealing with him for 10 years and he has never scammed me. I used many vendors but always went back to Alin and poor UncleZ when I needed the right stuff and could trust that I would eventually get it. His T/A times are inconsistent I will admit(had one in the ether for almost 3 months) In comparison, my last order from WU pickup to the date of my reviving was 5! Completely shocked me. I've had stuff take longer shipping from the same town as I live. But anyway, just google his name Alin and you'll see how respected he is on legitimate boards as both a vendor and a commentator. He's not perfect, but he is trustworthy and has fair prices.

Again, let's say 95-97% of his customers are happy and satisfied. That's an A in school and a very decent success rate for most any business. Now its not cool for those 3-5% who never got their gear but that's the percentages. If I supply to 1000 people a month and 35 don't get their stuff that's pretty darn good. If you supply to 20000 people a month and 700 don't get their gear its the same percentage. Only now you have 700 people who have a chance to find each other on the Internet; share their common experiences and begin a cult against that fraudulent supplier.

Alinshop scammed me steroids

alinshop scammed me steroids