Anabolic diet vs intermittent fasting

It’s funny, I’m 5′ 8″ 180 LBS and pretty lean. I’ll be 53 in January and in better health and ability to build muscle now than ever before. But I’m definitely a combination of both anabolic and catabolic. That’s because I eat a high protein and nutrient rich diet along with working out 6 days a week. But I find I could never handle big training volumes—and I don’t do any systematic cardio. Just light walking and being out on a bicycle. I definitely want to learn more about this topic Will. Thank you sir!

Hi Lee, I cannot put my hand on the reference material for BCAA but from memory they pretty good for fasted individuals so yes they may well be good in a run up to a comp. Also there is evidence that they are good for endurance such as football and long runs. Sorry but my recall is there is no definitive proof for building mass for body builders if you are already using whey and have a good balanced diet. Saying all that I am not a competing body builder like Lee. Whatever he is doing he certainly seems to be doing right and looking good year after year. But I bet most of his gains are down to training real hard and eating good whole food and not supplements.

If AST and ALT are elevated out of the normal range, at the very least, go off the juice for a while. It would be smart at this point to get another blood test with GGT included to confirm whether or not the liver is truly under damage. Remember, the most accurate way to know if your liver is damaged/stressed, is to look at the AST/ALT numbers and also the GGT. If all of them are high, you better take a break until they are under control. At the very least, you will want the GGT to be in normal range before going back on the sauce. Remember, GGT is the most accurate predictor of liver stress when accomodated by elevated AST or ALT (either one or both enzymes).

Anabolic diet vs intermittent fasting

anabolic diet vs intermittent fasting


anabolic diet vs intermittent fastinganabolic diet vs intermittent fastinganabolic diet vs intermittent fastinganabolic diet vs intermittent fastinganabolic diet vs intermittent fasting