Chalazion steroid injection cost

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Did the salt water flush for a couple days (yes, it stings), but it didn't make enough of a difference for me to feel like this was the right solution... Googled again.. I don't know how I came across Chalazion, but I was convinced that's what she had because the back of her eyelid did not have a 'sore' like a stye (you know how a cold sore has the white sore.. well this did not have it.. you can see where there may have been a sore, but there wasn't one now (kinda looked like a scar under the eyelid).. So I was thinking it was a stye that healed wrong and the skin under he eyelid healed with the lump still there...

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Chalazion steroid injection cost

chalazion steroid injection cost


chalazion steroid injection costchalazion steroid injection costchalazion steroid injection costchalazion steroid injection costchalazion steroid injection cost