Chinese swimming team on steroids

So far, Liu is China's only swimmer to strike gold these Olympics. But the Chinese team has performed impressively. On August 10, Zhang Lin made history as the first Chinese man to win an Olympic swimming medal when he claimed a silver in the 400m freestyle. The Chinese women's squad also scored a second-place finish in the 4x200m freestyle relay, while Pang Jiaying contributed a bronze in the women's 200m freestyle. And the Chinese may not be done yet, with several key races in the next few days. With seven swimming gold medals as of the afternoon of Aug. 14, America is the undisputed star of the Water Cube. But China is swimming comfortably in its wake.

While they can be sometimes, whispers aren’t always malicious, jealous, or destructive. In the absence of adequate testing and even adequate punishment for proven doping, whispers are sometimes the only recourse for the disenfranchised who value truth, fairness, and justice. Not everybody who is suspected is guilty, but as both recent and past history shows us: where there was fire.. there was almost always plenty of smoke. For every swimmer falsely accused there are many who got away with it– and many of those are still sitting with unearned medals, accolades, endorsements, revenue. And it’s not just swimming. The whispers are inevitable when there is lack of transparency and accountability. I say make the whispers even louder, across all sports, but direct them instead toward officials who have the power to do something about this. Otherwise it’s just a guessing game every time you look at athletes on a podium. It’s a game that we all hate to play, but in the absence of other options, if you don’t, you end up years later with your fantasy world bubble burst over and over again…

Chinese swimming team on steroids

chinese swimming team on steroids


chinese swimming team on steroidschinese swimming team on steroidschinese swimming team on steroidschinese swimming team on steroidschinese swimming team on steroids