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Asteroids received positive reviews from video game critics and has been regarded as Logg's magnum opus. [18] Brett Alan Weiss, writing for Allgame , likened the monochrome vector graphics to minimalism and viewed its sound effects as memorable. Weiss found its overall design to be near-perfect and cites the intensity and controls as elements that make the game addicting. He admitted the game is easily understandable and "holds up extremely well over time". [9] William Cassidy, writing for GameSpy 's "Classic Gaming", noticed its innovations, including being one of the first video games to track initials and allow players to enter their initials for appearing in the top 10 high scores, and commented, "the vector graphics fit the futuristic outer space theme very well." [10] In 1996, Next Generation listed it as number 39 on their "Top 100 Games of All Time", particularly lauding the control dynamics which require "the constant juggling of speed, positioning, and direction." [19] Asteroids was ranked fourth on Retro Gamer ' s list of "Top 25 Arcade Games"; the Retro Gamer staff cited its simplicity and the lack of a proper ending as allowances of revisiting the game. [18] In 2012, Asteroids was listed on Time 's All-TIME 100 greatest video games list. [20] Entertainment Weekly named Asteroids one of the top ten games for the Atari 2600 in 2013. [21] It was added to the Museum of Modern Art 's collection of video games. [22] By contrast, in March 1983 the Atari 8-bit port won sixth place in Softline ' s Dog of the Year awards "for badness in computer games", Atari division, based on reader submissions. [23]

Flashback steroider shoppar

flashback steroider shoppar


flashback steroider shopparflashback steroider shoppar