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Vulvar cysts are rare and usually fluid-filled lesions which form on the vulvar region (the area that is around the external vaginal opening) in women. A majority of the cysts are small and present no given symptoms, while some might grow larger leading to pain and discomfort

  • Sebaceous Cyst of Vulva is a benign vulvar cyst which forms when the sebaceous glands that lubricate the skin and also the hair get obstructed because of various reasons. It might be also called the Epidermal Inclusion Cyst of Vagina
  • The cysts might be solitary or several numbers and are usually painless. No significant signs and symptoms or even complications are usually noted. But, in some cases, Sebaceous Gland Cysts of Vulva can grow to larger sizes causing discomfort and pain
  • Typically, no treatment is required for the condition, unless significant signs and symptoms are seen. If needed, conservative therapy through a good personal hygiene and also use of medicinal toiletries are recommended
  • In general, the prognosis of the Sebaceous Gland Cysts of Vulva is perfect with appropriate treatment
  • Who gets Sebaceous Cysts of Vulva?
    • Sebaceous Cysts of labia majora are mostly seen in women of a wide age range. They can as well be observed in young girls.
    • There is no known geographical, ethnic, or even racial preference
    What are the Risk Factors for Sebaceous Cysts of Vulva? (Predisposing Factors)
    • No definitive risk factors have been known for Sebaceous Cysts of the labia majora
    It is crucial to note that having a risk factor does not imply that an individual will get bumps on labia. A risk factor increases a person’s chance of getting a condition as compared to a person without the risk factors. Some of the risk factors are more crucial than others.

    Itchy nipples on steroids

    itchy nipples on steroids


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