Kesan cucuk steroid

Minyak Saraf Al-Mizaj

Remember Adriana being in hospital?

The second last day she was there, MSA Master-Agent and family came to pay us a visit. He passed me his bottle of MSA..

Applied on Adriana's chest, back and feet and that night, she started coughing out lots of phlegm and her condition became better.

Her oxygen saturation level began to stabilise.

Since then, I have been applying the oil on her after her shower..

She is recovering well and fast, Alhamdulillah.

All would not be possible without Allah's will.

Applied this oil on her, while at the same time, also ikhtiar with antibiotics and medicine prescribed by the hospital.

This oil is definitely an essential in every household.

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Kesan cucuk steroid

kesan cucuk steroid