Lilliebridge steroids

rasturai wrote:
I talk to Eric all the time actually lol
His program is EXTREMELY simple..if you ask he will give his EXACT program to's so simple he said mots ppl don't even want to follow it lol.
He also only lifts 3x a week...but cycles the lifts in a regular 4-day fashion.
He's super nice to talk to..I've been talkin to him for a couple years over the net now.
And yes his lifts increase quite a bit.
For deadlift all he does IS deadlifts.
He only does singles, he has never and never does train more than 1 rep for deadlift...and believe it or not he does a lot of leg curls lol. And just very basic.
Bent over rows, maybe some curls.
But of course it's no joke he trains hard. Simple but not easy.

The Lilliebridge Method is a fairly new routine released to the public, but has been utilized by the Lilliebridge family for quite some time. Eric Lilliebridge was the actual creator of the method during his teen years, and has been used by the Lilliebridge family along with several other elite powerlifters including Derek Kendall. The Lilliebridge Method ebook can be found on Team Lilliebridge .  In the book the Lilliebridge’s go over specific weight percentages and set and reps that should be performed. The method is modeled over a ten week peaking period.

Lilliebridge steroids

lilliebridge steroids


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