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Hi, I have been keeping cold water marine fish for over a year now and must say am very, very impressed. I`m presently keeping blennies, land crabs, starfish, winkles, anemones and hermit crabs. I am amazed at how intelligent these creatures are. The crabs litterally “wave” at me when they want feeding and the blennies are absolute darlings! I have read about using chillers etc, but my specimens seem fine. I have a 4ft auarium with a large internal filter and an external protein skimmer.
Every week I buy 15 litres of salt water from my local dealer to do a parcial water change and they are thriving. This started as a cheap six weeks kids holiday project and has grown from there. I`m going to post a video on youtube and share this experience with the world!
It is by far the most interesting tank I`ve ever kept and would highly recommend it. Just keep to rockpool fish/crabs to begin with. Feed them on raw prawns (Asda) and lobster eggs, brine shrimp (frozen from pet shop) . The blennies have brightnened up colour wise, along with the sea anemones. Highly recommended.

Just a few tips from a mid level prepper the matches they show are not the white tip strike any where matches get these and dip them in melted wax . Cat litter buckets like the ones from tidy cats make great food buckets just clean them out they are the same buckets that the emergence food comes in . Do not forget . the more the better. You do not have to go out and buy every thing at one time I buy a little every time I go shopping to add to my modest stock pile . Guns and ammo are a must have you do not need 20 guns but you need to know how to use and maintain the ones you have also the more ammo the better .A bow is also a good thing to have . You do not need the big money compound bows I got two compound bows and arrows at garage sales for under 50$ they work just fine. I could go on and on .

Next best thing besides steroids

next best thing besides steroids


next best thing besides steroidsnext best thing besides steroidsnext best thing besides steroidsnext best thing besides steroidsnext best thing besides steroids