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Hi, was just checking out your website and dog food recipe! We have two Akita’s, ( they are mix of Akita, Sheperd and Chow) Brother’s! We feed them once in the morning and once in the evening, we keep a can in the dry food bag, ( was a vegtable can) and each dog gets a full can of (14oz.) dry food each feeding. We have been feeding them Nutro Plus.
The biggest of two dogs 127 lbs, would like more, but we don’t give it to him. The other dog is pretty close to 100 lbs. and is a very picky eater, sometimes we have to add things to get him to eat. My question is, do we need to feed them twice a day? We always have and have had them since they were pups! We would like to feed them better, I think I may try your dog food recipe. Do you think feeding once a day will be better for them? If we do go to once a day, should we start that right away or gradually get them used to the idea of once a day feedings? So confused on how to get started! Also, with your dogfood recipe, would you feed the serving size for the large dogs all at once or break it into two feedings? so many questions!
Thank you, Pam

My dog had his 1st seizure 12 days ago he had convulsions. The convulsions went on for less than 2 minutes. I don’t know what triggers them, He gets fidgety prior to having a seizure and paces quite a bit, Winter is always the roughest time for him as he can have up to 1 seizure per week (not much when compared with what some other poor dogs). He was in worse shape on the meds than he was with the seizures, so we elected to not medicate him. i read hundreds of blogs and websites It was during a casual conversation with a friend that I learned about doctor Benson Wooley, she gave me his contact. I contacted he i explain everything to him and make purchase of the herbal product. we had full expectation that my dog will find total rest from seizures, 2 months using herbal treatment, his seizures totally reduced. After finishing his treatment, more than 1 years now, he has been totally seizure free. he have not experienced a single seizures after using Herbal treatment. his medicine does not have any side effect.

Quality vet steroids 2012

quality vet steroids 2012


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