Rapid muscle building steroids

It has been my experience that you can increase your caloric intake by around 200-350 calories above your body's maintenance level daily and have enough calories in excess in order for your body to produce muscle at its most efficient pace without any significant fat gain in the process. I will be the first to admit that after months of hard training and dieting leading up to competition, when your competition is all over with it's almost like a reflex to want to trade in your chicken breasts , yams , and broccoli for pizza , French fries and ice cream !

Athletic Greens – If you could only take one supplement this would be it. Get up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just one packet. In the UK?  Click HERE .
BioOptimizers* – Crank your anabolic drive to new heights by improving your gut health and ability to absorb the protein you eat.
Omega 3’s – Reduce inflammation and decrease bodyfat.
BCAA – For those who train 1st thing in AM.
PuraThrive – Reduces inflammation, protects brain cells, and aids in support of healthy cardiovascular system.
Doc Parley’s Sleep Remedy – One of the best cures out there for insomnia.
Grass Fed Whey Protein – Most whey is low quality crap. This is the only one I recommend.

In the first study, researchers led by Stuart Phillips (McMaster University) investigated whether postexercise muscle protein synthesis is different when a large, single dose of whey protein (25 g) is consumed immediately after activity compared with when smaller doses ( g) are consumed 10 times over an extended period. The idea with the small "protein shots" was to mimic how another milk protein, casein, is digested. Participants (8 men; mean age: 22 y) performed 8 sets of 8-10 repetitions on a leg-extension machine; each subject participated in both dietary treatment regimens. In the second study led by Stefan Pasiakos from the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, active-duty military personnel (7 men and 1 woman; mean age: 24 y) consumed a high-protein beverage (10 g protein as essential amino acids) containing or g leucine while exercising on a stationary bicycle. In both studies, postexercise muscle protein synthesis was evaluated.

Rapid muscle building steroids

rapid muscle building steroids


rapid muscle building steroidsrapid muscle building steroidsrapid muscle building steroidsrapid muscle building steroidsrapid muscle building steroids