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1) I Have OCD – So interesting. The dude who sniffs his armpits over and over? Classic television.
2) I Live Another Life on the Web – If this journalism thing doesn’t work out, this episode showed me I can always show my boobs on the internet for cash.
3) I’m Addicted to Crystal Meth – Enough said.
4) I Have Tourette’s Syndrome – The guy who spills a drink on his date warms my heart. I think tics are kinda cute.
5) I’m Uncomfortable with My New Body – Lots of sagging skin. Gross, but really interesting nonetheless.
6) I’m Getting Married – “I will gut you like a fish!” Sabrina & Charlie will always be my favorite TV couple.

This is still voyeurism: Viewers are watching people in often desperate situations, and may have an impulse to simply shake their heads as a pregnant teen pulls a drag on a cigarette, or a sideshow freak puts a snake up his nose. But when they get over the thrill of being judgmental, they will find plenty of material in True Life that may inspire discussion -- and even activism. The episode about "baby mamas" with custody issues is a good advertisement for safe sex and abstinence; the sideshow freak who bucks stereotypes with his desire to get married and buy a house may encourage a little more tolerance for the different.

Chester Bennington, the frontman of the alternative rock band Linkin Park, died in an apparent suicide . The musician was found in a private residence on the morning of July 20, what would have been the late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday. The Linkin Park musician performed at the funeral for Cornell, who died by suicide in May. “You have inspired me in many ways you could never have known,” Bennington wrote in part in a moving tribute shared on Twitter after Cornell’s death. Bennington was 41 and leaves behind a wife and six children from two marriages.

Roger mtv true life steroids

roger mtv true life steroids


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