Singulair vs inhaled corticosteroid

Hello Dr. Mintz,

I am hoping you might be able to help me with my allergy situation. I am a 50 yr old female, have had mild allergies my entire life that lived with mostly due to being pregnant and/or nursing for 17 yrs. The allergies were always a bit intensified during pregnancy, I would only take a sinus medication if I felt like the allergies had turned into a cold or sinus infection. So after I delivered my last baby in Oct. 2012, my allergies seem to be worse, they are a year round, daily nuisance. My symptoms consist of constant runny nose, dripping in my throat and sneezing. I finally went to see an ENT and he prescribed Nasonex which provided mild allergy improvement, but also gave me bloody noses. So the ENT prescribed Patanase, which also gives mild relief, but does not completely get rid of my symptoms. So my latest visit to the ENT, he suggested updated allergy testing, and to try Singulair. I am nervous to try the Singulair because my daughter used it with negative side affects. Is there another medication protocol you can recommend I try before trying Singulair? I have no asthma/lung issues, just a constant runny nose. Help! Thank you!

Singulair vs inhaled corticosteroid

singulair vs inhaled corticosteroid


singulair vs inhaled corticosteroidsingulair vs inhaled corticosteroid