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The next month, The Seattle Times and other publications reported the possibility that Bales might have used mefloquine — information that was based on an FDA “adverse event” notification from an anonymous pharmacist. That report was submitted in 2012 and released by the agency in 2013. It stated that on an unknown date, an anonymous Army patient received the drug — when his health condition contradicted its use — and that he went on to kill 17 Afghans (the initial number of deaths Bales was charged with by the Army.)

On August 23, a six-person panel sentenced Bales to life in prison without parole. [1] [44] [45] He was also demoted to the lowest enlisted rank, dishonorably discharged and will forfeit all pay and allowances. [27] A commanding general overseeing the court-martial has the option of reducing the sentence to life with the possibility of parole. [46] Afghan villagers and the families of Bales' victims were upset by the decision, saying he deserved death. [43] [46] Bales is incarcerated in the maximum security section of United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth . [27]

I totally with all the opinion's of our T-Nation. As one gentleman 's are not even cognizant of the legal drinking age in his state.!!! My friend and physican is a Colonel in the Canadian armed forces. I ask 's your opinion? His undiagnoses,unseen (opinion) is a defence along the lines of . post traumatic stress disorder,and a psychotic break from reality. He also said the man may of Premeditated and executed the act in some bizarre desire to live in history as many other's have. Anyway i feel sympathy?empathy for the killed and injured,and those familie's,uncluding the iLL soldier' be to all our men and woman in the service of our countrie's. U>S>A> and Canada and our allie's. johnny

Ssg bales steroids

ssg bales steroids