Steroid deaths 2013

҂ The Associated Press today ran a story about WWE officials meeting with New York prosecutors that are investigating illegal steroid sales. The meeting was held on Tuesday after the company was invited to join along with representatives from the NFL, NBA and other sports and entertainment companies. WWE spokeswoman Jennifer McIntosh declined to comment on what was discussed. The company which is being investigated is Signature Pharmacy which is based in Orlando, FL. Signature is at the center of Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares’ investigation into illegal steroid sales in upstate New York. It was revealed that Chris Benoit was a client of Signature according to the DA’s office. Signature’s owners have pleaded not guilty.

Sept 1 I took my 8 year old terrier chi mix to a vet. I was asked if I wanted a shot of heart gard6. Yes I said thinking it easier than pills. A few days later she’s vomited not eating. She became very lethargic vomiting and drinking lots of water then vomiting again. She lost 3 lbs in a few days and I took her in to vet. She had pancreatitis and kidney failure. After more than 1,000 dollars the vet said kidneys were shutting down and she would not recover. We had to put a happy prancing tiny terrier mix down because of the terrible medicine given! What have others done to stop this animal abuse? My heart is broken.

Steroid deaths 2013

steroid deaths 2013


steroid deaths 2013steroid deaths 2013steroid deaths 2013steroid deaths 2013steroid deaths 2013