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I’m from England and recently sold a car to an American and the subject of healthcare came up and we couldn’t believe I was in favour of the NHS. His argument was “what about people who don’t work? Why do they deserve treatment if they haven’t paid in?” I said I don’t care about that and I’m jusy happy my meagre contribution means no matter what happens to me or my family we will get treatment and not have to worry about paying anything back. I told him every four weeks I have to have a remicade infusion to treat my ulcerative colitis as well as steroids and immunosuppressant tablets costing about £2500 a month but it doesn’t cost me anything extra outside of my weekly tax and national insurance contributions. His attitude was it’s not fair some pay but all get treatment. It’s a classic case of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

But what about transparency when it comes to dominant Silicon Valley internet platforms? Right now, consumers are largely left in the dark when it comes to how these companies determine what American consumers see in their newsfeeds or search results. For example, these platforms could be using algorithms that favor content with certain viewpoints, and their users would have no way of knowing that they were being manipulated in this way. Is this a problem that needs to be addressed, and if so, how? I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I do think these are questions worth raising.

Steroids results reddit

steroids results reddit


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