Superman took steroids lyrics

I said to Joe, "I thought your office was closed." And he said "Yes we are closed, what do you mean?" And I said, "Well those guys are still selling products down there." He said, "Oh that is Harold, he's stealing." I said, "What do you mean stealing? Don't you say anything to him; that he shouldn't steal?" He said, "Well that shows me the guy has got incentive. We don't pay him enough money for what he does so I like to let him think he's getting away with it."

Some weeks ago I just got the evidence you were talking about, we were helping at a construction site, they mostly wanted guys to help but there were some girls as well (I'm in the girls' camp btw), and at the end they said I had been working like two guys :D It felt great, even knowing that all the guys were office rats it was great to see that I could work even harder than they (we were carrying trees, it was fun, especially picking them up at the end and throwing them among the others, it was like the best workout I've ever had).

305 Shares Share On Facebook Tweet Share Email Share Share Pin It Share Comment Everybody loves Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There’s a reason America’s sweetheart has so many supporters for his “potential but probably never going to happen” presidential campaign. He’s a devoted family man, a sweet and cuddly teddy bear philanthropist, and a kick-butt wrestler action hero who has appeared in a plethora of movies.

Superman took steroids lyrics

superman took steroids lyrics


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