Wash mouth after steroid inhaler

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Hello, I have multiple bumps on my labia minora. I started off with 3 but today I looked and one more appeared (2 on the inside and 2 on the outside). They look to be pus filled but when I try to squeeze it, it doesn’t come out. The area around the bumps are red and they all have what looks to be a hole in the middle, it’s very uncomfortable when I walk and when I urinate the acidity from the urine irritates it further making it difficult to use the restroom. I am expecting my menstrual in 5 days and today I just started putting triple antibiotic ointment on it. Will they be clear by the time my cycle comes? If not, will my cycle irritate them further?

Wash mouth after steroid inhaler

wash mouth after steroid inhaler


wash mouth after steroid inhalerwash mouth after steroid inhalerwash mouth after steroid inhalerwash mouth after steroid inhalerwash mouth after steroid inhaler